Platinum Lite

Sample the Globe Platinum experience through a range of perks and privileges.

Get priority service in Globe stores plus a dedicated hotline, assistance with hotel bookings and restaurant reservations, attend exclusive events, and more with Globe Platinum Lite.


Join Globe Platinum Lite, a new loyalty program that lets you enjoy select Platinum perks for one (1) year when you accumulate a minimum of 1,200 Globe Rewards points.


Opt in to the Globe Platinum Lite program simply by texting PLATINUMLITE ON to 2363 for free. No points will be deducted.

Priority Privileges
Thea, Virtual Relationship Manager

Access to Thea, a digital assistant

24/7 Dedicated Platinum Hotline

24/7 Dedicated Platinum Hotline

Waived select admin fees

Waived select administration fees

Travel and Lifestyle Perks
Access to exclusive lifestyle events

Access to exclusive lifestyle events


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