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Capture the world around you and be inspired to fuel your passion.

Shoot vivid images through Note8's dual cameras. Equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, both cameras let you see even the smallest details. It’s like seeing the world from a different perspective, especially with the Note8’s adjustable blur.

Go and chase your inspiration with All-Month Data Surfing and never run out of mobile data with ThePLATINUM Plan.


Express yourself and make the small change that creates a big impact.

Shape your world with the S Pen and express creativity. With the Note8, you can imagine anything and bring it to life.

Express in more ways with ThePLATINUM Plan and Thea who will handle the little details for you so you have more freedom to make things that matter.



Choose to take your passion to a higher level, so you can make every day count.

Get the Note8 with the accessory of your choice—a Globe Platinum exclusive.


Work anywhere
with DeX.

Capture entire experiences with Gear 360.

Stay on track with your goals with Gear S3.

And with Globe Platinum, you can get the best mobile data experience from Priority Network access that sets you above the rest.


Get the Samsung Galaxy Note8 on ThePLATINUM Plan.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Bundles Plan 3799 Plan 4999 Plan 7999
Note 8 P4,800 FREE FREE
Note 8 with Dex P9,600 P3,600 FREE
Note 8 with Gear 360 P14,400 P8,400 FREE
Note 8 with DeX and Gear 360 P19,200 P13,200 FREE
Note 8 with Gear S3 P19,200 P13,200 FREE


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